Abeer’s Creations

Abeer Al Suwaidi - Abaya Fashion Designer

An Abeer Al Suwaidi abaya is a work of art contrasting old notions with the swirling eddies of brand new influences. Abeer Al Suwaidi creations are constantly evolving while holding true to a mission of introducing innovative materials and brave drapes.

Abeer Al Suwaidi abayas have always set new precedents. The brand pioneered the first skinny abaya, and wowed fashionistas with deliciously combined cotton, jersey and knotted fabrics. Abeer Al Suwaidi abayas then journeyed into the avant-garde world of space age materials and punk rock chic with vibrant colours spikes, epaulettes and harnesses.

Each collection carries its own signature inspiration, and the very limited numbers produced mean each piece is an original. Clients can explore Abeer Al Suwaidi’s latest lines at USH Boutique outlets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.