Fashion Forward Talks to Abeer

by Abeer Al Suwaidi, 3rd November 2014

Abeer Al Suwaidi, an Emirati designer based in Dubai, is best known for her trendsetting work with abayas, and in transforming the traditional garment into contemporary art forms, while maintaining great respect for her culture.

Raised in a multicultural environment in Abu Dhabi, Abeer grew up watching theatre, listening to eclectic music, and befriending people from all over the world. As a result of her exposure to varied influences, she has always honed in on international perspectives, while staying true to her ethnic roots.

After she gained a major in Communications Technology from Dubai Womenís College, she gave reign to her passion for fashion as a full-fledged business. Besides wanting to develop her natural talent for design, she had an underlying mission to focus on creativity and originality.

In 2009, Abeer founded USH, the first multiple-brand abaya store in the UAE (and still the largest in the region) to promote home grown talent. The boutique showcases the work of almost 40 local and regional established designers as well as emerging talent, with offerings ranging from abayas and kaftans, to evening gowns, and exclusive accessories.
Just as she continues to define industry trends, she is a mentor to many Emirati designers, and influences their styles, statements, and strategies.

Abeer Al Suwaidi’s collection is available at USH Boutique, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah, Dubai. Call 04 344 2202

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