Steve McCurry snaps 7 Princesses across the UAE

by Abeer Al Suwaidi, 18th March 2015

stevemccurry1The famous photographer launches his latest exhibition in Dubai, with photos from across the emirates.

When one of the world’s best photographers chooses your backyard as his latest canvas and the local people as his subjects, you know you’re living in a highly photogenic part of the world.

That’s how the UAE has been complimented this month as international award-winning photographer Steve McCurry is in town, using his lens to celebrate the lives and achievements of Emirati women.

In partnership with The Empty Quarter gallery, the American photographer is unveiling his latest exhibition ‘7 Princesses’ tomorrow at Fairmont The Palm Dubai. The exhibit is the result of McCurry’s time in the country last November, when he photographed 20 local women throughout the seven emirates.

The idea was build bridges between the UAE and international cultures and present a unique and avant-garde point of view regarding the role of women within the Emirati society. Each photo aimed to reflect the ‘crucial roles of the contemporary, vibrant and dynamic Emirati woman’.

Safa Al Hamed, managing partner of The Empty Quarter, said: “Steve McCurry is one of our muses in photography, he is the king of light. I am delighted to work with him on this project because he has his own unique way to tell stories and bring images alive.

Given the UAE’s outstanding natural beauty, we at EDGAR are pleased to see a world-reknown talent such as McCurry make use of the stunning landscape, culture and people. Hopefully this will open the floodgates to the world’s best artists and photographers to capture the UAE’s local scenes.

The 7 Princesses exhibition will open to the public from 16 March to 16 April at The Empty Quarter gallery in DIFC.