The Fashion Designer

Emirati designer Abeer Al Suwaidi is known for her trend-setting work with abayas, and for transforming the traditional garment into a contemporary work of art with cross-cultural appeal.

Her journey started 10 years ago with a simple realization – that the constant evolution of fashion had left the abaya far behind. For a large audience of women who loved the garment, there was very little in the way of originality to allow self-expression. This static world of the abaya was frustrating and stagnating.

Abeer Al Suwaidi channelled that frustration into an international movement. She harnessed the abaya’s basic form to spectacular new designs, materials and embellishments, and enabled an entire generation of women to wear the traditional garment in brand new ways.

Abeer Al Suwaidi’s creative process is informed by everything she sees, hears and touches. Her passions for reading, global music and gourmet cuisine mingle with her innovative materials and shape her daring cuts.

Abeer Al Suwaidi hasn’t just reinterpreted tradition to start a global conversation. She’s also paved the way for a new generation of brave designers not afraid to experiment with form and materials.