Customer's Fashion Boutique

Abeer Al Suwaidi is your window into a world of original design. We have carefully curated collections of the best abayas, jalabyas, caftans, dress shoes, bags, and accessories from some of the region’s best known and in-demand designers.

Our lines combine traditional GCC couture with global influences. At Abeer Al Suwaidi, each creation is incredibly well thought out. Each detail is crafted by hand and examined by avid eyes. No stitch is without meaning, or hem without purpose.

Our couture collections are sourced from designers such as Abeer Al Suwaidi, Manal designs, HOMA Q, HF, slouchyz, Roselle, Ohlala, EFFA, Huda Al Nuaimi, Taller Marmo and ESSA.

And when it comes to finding the right accessories to perfect an assemble, our original collections from Fatma Al Mulla, Bahr Al Noor, Vinita Micheal and Barrel and Drum open up an entire world of mixing and matching.

The chic interiors of Abeer Al Suwaidi reflect our belief in warm welcomes, hospitality and comfort. Every element of the boutique is designed to offer an experience informed by modern luxury with a hint of Arabian hospitality.

All our members of staff are warm, discreet and very knowledgeable. Be it a specific cut, colour, style, fabric, garment or price range that you’re looking for, our personal advisors will help you find exactly what you need.

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